"73% of business to business leads are not sales ready"

This could be due to many different reasons however the fact remains the same that you can not sell them!

The Solution

  • Sales is a numbers game which means the more businesses and customers you are able familiarize with your brand, product or service the greater chance you have of connecting with the people in the 27% who are ready to buy 

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What is a conversion?

  • A conversion means you are taking a person from one state usually one that is less preferable and changing or altering their perception somehow to move them into another state which is usually more preferable.

"79% of all leads (person interested in your product or service) never convert"

This occurs primarily due to lack of nurturing- no one is following up and without follow up the deal is no more.

The only difference between a CONTACT and a CONTRACT is the R which stands for relationship... so if you want more contacts to be contracts, make sure you follow up.


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Customer Engagement 

Sales are unlikely for the majority of businesses on the initial contact with a potential customer. Multiple things come into play why this is and the most common 4 being that person is either questioning the product or service (is it good, will I use it , does it solve my problem, is it valuable to me, etc...), questioning the company (are they reliable, do I enjoy interacting with their brand, would I be happy to be associated with this company, etc...), questioning the salesperson (do I trust this person, do they really care about me or just the sale, do I enjoy interacting with them, etc...), or finally questioning themselves (am I making the right decision, what will my mother, brother, sister, wife think, etc...).

How do you fix this or build credibility to alleviate the customers fear that they won't directly tell you they are thinking about?

  • The most effective way to naturally build credibility is to continuously show, educate, add value and engage people in regards to your product /service, company, team.

  • Familiarizing people with your brand in an engaging way breaks down the barriers to a sale and builds trust because they are constantly seeing, hearing and most importantly taking interest in an organic manner to look into your brand

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