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Social Media Marketing

Our Vehicles To Success

Social Media Advertising
Hyper-relevant marketing offers directly in the hands of your ideal customer.
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Sales Funnels
High converting landing pages moving your customers towards a purchase, a lead or an appointment.
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Content Creation
High quality content dictates the power of your message.

Why Social Media Ads?

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Linked In & Twitter have separate advertising features unique to each individual one. We as an agency use those features on the best suited platform for you to send people an attract offer which results in your monthly revenue increasing through either website sales, appointment bookings, more leads or various other ways!

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Your Customers Spend Most Their Time On Social Media
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Over 80% of all internet users use Facebook meaning it has billions of people who check it everyday
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You have an opportunity to reach your customers everyday because regardless of who your customers are... they use Facebook
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It Works Fast And Is Measurable
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Facebook drives immediate results, you can reach thousands of people today!
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There is no guessing involved with running social media ads. We will be able to tell you how many people your ads reached, how many visited your website and much more
The Most Targeted Form Of Advertising
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Facebook allows you to hyper-target your customers using its AI system
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Therefor you can reach your most qualified buyers because we have the ability to target by demographics, interests & more!
It Increases Leads & Sales
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With professional help you can drives good results leading to a consistent increase in your monthly revenue
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Good content, the right strategy and effective landing pages can take you from where you are at now to where you want to be in monthly revenue
It's The Cheapest Form Of Advertising
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When we compare social media advertising to any traditional method, SMA reaches more people with less money
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Social Media Ads on average cost $2.5 dollars per CPM (1000 impressions) where as the cheapest traditional channel "Billboards" costs around $5 per CPM
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Most Of Your Competitors Are Not Using Digital Ads
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Average businesses and the majority of your competitors are not aware of the benefits of social media ads
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They are still overspending on traditional channels leaving an opportunity for you to reach those customers first at a significantly cheaper cost to you 

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Our Process

We've systemized ad success in 3 simple steps


During the onboarding phase we conduct an assessment to learn about your business & your customers. We then analyze your full customer journey in more details to eliminate any weak points in the strategy. This is our starting point to developing a successful strategy.

Platform choice and setup is in this stage. 


After completion of the strategy phase, we'll create or gather required content assets and start creating the first batch of digital ads.

We go through testing to ensure we capture the best advertisement according to all the available data we can gather from Facebook. This stage is crucial to future results.

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After we've tested the ads we will have insights on which audiences have responded best to the digital advertisements created. 

We will then optimize ad targeting and reallocate budget accordingly. This is the stage where we increase your ad spend to generate the most results for your business!

Our Focus With Every Client

Results matter - we are committed to consistently generating the best results possible for our clients
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Our agency has had great results with a wide range of clientele... from medical & healthcare professionals to recreational & leisure businesses
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