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User Friendly | Responsive | Adaptable | Unique. We focus on building websites that achieve these four things. TMB guarantees every site we build for our customers will work well, be easy to navigate and have the capabilities to grow or be updated.  With our creative vision and your company's unique style we aim to create a positive user experience that is informative and memorable to all users who visit your website.

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Our team is here to help make creating your dream website a seamless and uncomplicated process. Prior to building a website we ALWAYS do an assessment with our clients to layout the time commitment required, overall expectations, discuss any preferences you may have, gather information that we need, and so on. This helps us understand your needs and makes sure we are meeting them. 

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We custom build your website from the ground up: gather and sift through high quality pictures that will best fit your business & brand, add/modify all elements on your site, optimize and reformat content to look good for both mobile and desktop users. Our goal is to build you a website you love while allowing you & your team to focus on activities that make you money.



With the live chat bot we integrate and set up with every site that we build allows you as a web owners to generate automatic messages that get sent to viewers who trigger certain events on your site (e.g. visit a certain page). Just as useful there is a live chat function where you will be able to send messages to individual viewers on your site. So for those certain people who have visited your site multiple times maybe it's time to send them a discount to incentivize a purchase.



It's vital to have an up to date site that displays your information, services or anything else that is new & pertinent to your customers. Having this foresight we not only build a strong website foundation which allows your business to make these updates and improve your website moving forward but we also teach you how to make minor changes so you don't need to always rely on us or pay for a web designer to make every little change. Building a website with a poor foundation puts your business at risk to incur very expensive updates in the future.



Having a professionally designed website that is visually appealing and easy to navigate reduces people prematurely leaving your website and ensures that when viewers do leave they leave with a great impression of your company. Great websites leave viewers informed on where they can easily access the info they need or info they want to share with someone else.



Every premium Wix or Editor X account comes with a downloadable app that produces valuable performance analytics on your site. Some data that is tracked and accessible whenever includes: when a customer is on your site, how long they were on your site,  the general location of where they were viewing from, how many times they visited and much more. In todays world it is very important to be able to measure if your online marketing efforts are working and Wix allows you to do that.



In order to stay relevant in your industry and be a top choice in your customers mind you need to look the part as to why you are the best choice. Every single person looks at a company's website and/or social media before making a purchasing decision. Having a professionally designed website will allow you to stand out from most of your competition and stay relevant in the minds of the people who matter the most - YOUR CUSTOMERS!


Foundation Building

We always start building the framework & foundation of the website first: how many pages, what elements that will be included on website (widgets, scheduler, etc.), theme, header and footer look, light-boxes, chat box, menu customization, page layouts, font styles and more.


Restructuring & Improvements

After the framework, structuring, basic content adding is complete we begin making changes to ensure website is visually appealing (placement changes, size and shape of different elements, flow of website, congruency, style, content & alignment) - this process is done numerous times throughout this phase. Desktop functionally is optimized during this phase (test and improve). During this phase animations and transitions to give your website a unique & modern feel are also added.


Mobile Device Optimization 

During this phase we make sure your website looks good on all mobile devices, is functional on all mobile devices, has a unique mobile user experience, and add mobile elements such as an intro screen & navigators. Content is resized for mobile (videos, images, writing, elements) and mobile animations & transitions are added.


SEO (Optional but necessary)

We will complete the SEO process for your website: do the audience research, keyword selection & research as well as the on page optimization.


Structuring & Content Adding

Once the foundation is built we begin adding content (pictures, videos, etc). Content is optimized during this process meaning we check the format & size of the videos & pictures to make sure they will not significantly slow down your websites response time  (Convert to different condensed file formats if too slow). We use website speed software to test the response time (done frequently). During this phase we also add adaptive & interactive elements such as hover boxes, sliders, buttons, grids, strips, icons, vector art and more.


Content Completion

It's very important that we obtain all information that you currently want included on your website because once we move to the Mobile optimization phase it creates way more work if we don't have all the information added on the desktop version.


Final Testing & Checks

Multiple run throughs (reviews) on the live site (on all devices) to make sure the website is working good, looking good, and feeling good for users.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization as a basic definition is everything that goes into making your website visible for people to see on google and other web browsers.

SEO is an ongoing process that takes consistent tweaking and updates to various parts of your SEO strategy. Let us set you up with the right SEO foundation so your customers can find you through an organic search

Our Process

General Pricing Guidelines

Components Included In Every Website Package

  • Live ChatBot                     

  • Social Links                 

  • Analytics & Wix App

  • Fully functional on all devices desktop, mobile, tablet (IOS & Android).

  • Responsiveness and speed: Optimized

  • Brief Education on how to use Wix or Editor X after website is complete

Basic Web Design
[$1000 - $2000]


- Unique Package Components -

  • Up to 15 pages

  • Design Work: Simple

    Yet Attractive

  • UserExperience:

    Basic - Minimal Animations, page transitions, interactive elements.

  • No Complex Elements: Ecommerce Store, Event booking, restaurant ordering, class scheduling, forums or blogs.

  • Can included 1-2 intermediate elements: booking an evaluation to talk, testimonials integrations, embedded websites, etc.

  • Optional: SEO Keywords (research and integrations into each page) & Copywriting!! Extra Cost Estimate - $250-$1000

Intermediate Web Design
[$2000 - $3000]


​- Unique Package Components -

  • 12 - 20 pages

  • Complex Element (Only one): Ecommerce Store, Class Booking, Event Scheduler, etc.

  • User Experience: Unique - Moderate animations, transitions, interactive elements.

  • Design Work: Business Professional (Unique not templated - stand out from competition)

  • Up to 4 Intermediate elements (see previous examples)

  • 1 - 2 hours of free changes after website is completed

  • Optional: SEO Keywords (research and integrations into each page) & Copywriting!! Extra Cost Estimate - $250-$1750

Premium Web Design
[$3000 - $5000+]


​- Unique Package Components -


  • 15 to around 25 pages

  • Complex Elements (up to three): see previous examples

  • User Experiences: Premium (Streamlined) - exceptional animations, transitions, interactive elements.

  • Design Work: High end (Fully Customized)

  • Up to 6 Intermediate Elements (see previous examples: additional apps can be explored)

  • 1 - 3 hours of free changes after website is completed

  • Optional: SEO Keywords (research and integrations into each page) & Copywriting!! Extra Cost - $250-$2500