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  • ​B-Commerce Degree in Marketing from the University of Alberta 

  • Designation As A Digital Marketing Professional From The Digital Marketing Institute & Nait

  • Certified Digital Ads Expert - Affluent Academy 

  • ​Certificate In Facebook Advertising from Facebook 

  • ​Certificate in Digital Marketing from BGM and LearnMoreAds

  • Extensive Professional Development in Photography, Editing and Social Media from SkillShare

  • Relevant Certifications from Grant Cardone University Include: Buyers Psychology and Sales Fundamentals 

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My Story


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and taking interest in working with my company! I'm an extreme sports enthusiast, music junky, fitness addict, a foodie and a traveler. Im also a qualified marketer, ex-college basketball player and mental health & addictions consultant. 


I've been involved with sports my entire life. The ability to build relationships, work together, help each other and communicate effectively are paramount to not only a successful team but a flourishing business relationship. The other aspect of "sports" is learning to produce individually. I excelled at sports my entire life and it wasn't due to being athletically gifted. I knew the only way I was going to be better than everyone was to work harder than everyone else, so that's exactly what I did. This mindset was deeply ingrained in me from day one and I carry it over into everything I do. My experience with sports was bittersweet as I changed sports multiple times due to injuries, Transitioning from high level club soccer as a kid to playing team Alberta basketball as a teen taught me the importance of resilience. There are always going to be "problems", "challenges" or "obstacles" in life but I found that there is always going to be a solution as well. My long sports career ended at a collegiate level due to severe tendonitis in my knees making it difficult to perform at the level I was at. I share my learning from sports with you because it was so crucial to my personal development and demonstrates my passion to achieve and succeed no matter what I am pursuing. 


I am an outgoing marketer dedicated to helping you grow your business and provide you with any additional valuable information or insights that could positively impact your company. Learning about your business I can effectively determine which service would be most appropriate resulting in you receiving the biggest bang for your buck. I focus primarily on value creation in conjunction with creating time for business owners by finding simple ways to increase conversions, collect leads, generate business interest and progress the sales process. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect to see how we can help each other or do business together.

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