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Why Do Most Businesses Fail?


The main reason why the majority of businesses fail comes down to the simple fact that they are not selling enough products and/or services to generate a positive cashflow. However simple this is, it is the bittersweet truth that determines whether a company is successful and making a profit or unsuccessful and incurring a loss.



Fail within their first year 


Fail after 5 years of business


Don't make it passed 10 years in business


The Problem

Our Solution

Businesses that fail... struggle to acquire customers, sell their product or service to customers, keep customers or a combination of all three. This eventually results in revenue consistently decreasing while expenses increase or stay relatively the same.

The Mastermind Bureau aims to understand your businesses needs to suggest and provide appropriate services that will generate specific results  to achieve your business objectives. The services we offer aim to assist your business in successfully guiding a customer from a “Stranger” to a “Promoter” or anywhere in between. This process is vital for captivating potential or current customers resulting in purchases.


We help businesses generate more leads, build brand awareness, increase conversion rates, communicate more efficiently with customers and ultimately increase company sales. 





Designed On Website Builders


Wix is an excellent web design choice for any business owners ready for a new website. Over 75% of all websites online are now built using a website builder.

This is because these builders offer flexibility, functionality, ease-of-use, security and excellent search engine optimization features. 

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Best Seller

An explainer video is a short video usually used for marketing or sales purposes that highlights a company’s product, service, or business idea in a compelling and efficient way.
It is an effective way to market your product or service with the adaptability to use it in a range of ways: embed on website or landing page, use in sales presentation, send to customers, market on social media platforms and more.

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Providing businesses with more money, more customers, more time & less stress



About Us

Zane Warren


We are a client focused marketing company helping our customers multiply their current business efforts while improving their financial standing along with it. We strive to provide top quality service to each and every company we work with because we care about you and the success of your business. We differentiate ourself from our competitors by doing what the competition won't. Statistics found by MIT show that there is a 7X better chance of closing a sale or furthering an engagement if you follow up on the interest shown by that potential customer within the first hour. They also found that 65% of all companies don't nurture leads that they paid to getThese shocking fact leave a lot of potential money on the table and while most marketing companies solely get paid to attract customers for your business, TMB is here to also help you convert them as well. We provide first point of contact (POC) in a timely manner to increase your chances of converting that potential customer.


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