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Ready To Experience Med Spa Growth? 

We help Med Spas and Dermatology Clinics get their first new client in under 14 days and first 30 new clients every 60 days after

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The clinics we work with

  • Seek to attract high ticket clients and be a top performing clinic in their community

  • Understand the value of medical marketing and are ready to invest in their clinics growth

  • Strive to offer superior services and create memorable customer experiences

  • Want to work with an agency who understands their clientele

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med spa client
dermatologist with his family

Our clients are challenged by

  • Attracting the right clients who value premium services and are willing to pay for them

  • Creating packages that bring in valuable revenue for the clinic and are marketable

  • Enjoying their personal life without work taking up all their time and attention

  • Creating systems and strategies that are evergreen and long lasting so it feel like an first class airplane ride instead of a broken rollercoaster

medical marketing expert

We help our clients

  • Elevate their brand and stand out in the saturated Med Spa & Dermatology clinic market

  • Develop unique systems to reliably acquire new clients consistently for their clinics 

  • Understand why and what marketing works for their industry

  • Get back much of the time and money they have wasting on unsuccessful marketing efforts

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Clientele We Serve

Established Med Spas & Dermatology Clinics

Our Client Growth Methods

dermatologist inspecting clients skin

Dermatology Growth Method

clients coming into med spa

Med Spa Growth Method

Your New Medical Marketing Team

Why The Mastermind Bureau?

TMB's digital solutions

Experts in Medical Marketing with a wide variety of clientele - Almost a decade of marketing experience

Over 1000 new patients acquired for our clients in the last few years - certified lead generation and patient acquisition experts

Unmatched client support and a passion to help our clients grow - 5 star google review rating 

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laser hair removal device
managing director zane

Three words to describe this company: integrity, professional and creative. I experienced the expense and excruciating pain of dealing with another company before The Mastermind Bureau. They were able to recognize the failures of the previous company and delivered a product that not only met my specific requirements but exceeded my every expectation. The website they created effectively and efficiently communicates to my desired customer with a stroke of genius. The customer service they provided along with his prompt courteous interaction made it a pleasure to work with them. This is a phenomenal company and I highly recommend investing your time and money with Mastermind Bureau!

Jenna Martins
Director at Sculpt Body Lounge

Zane from TMB is always responsive, professional and provides excellence customer service. His company has been doing social media marketing for my clinic in St. Albert. Over the last 6 months TMB has brought us in over 100 ready to book patients. I would highly recommend The Mastermind Bureau to any Clinic Director looking for a consistent way to generate high quality leads or increase patient bookings for their clinic!

Dr. Corey Graham
Owner Of Laser Health Tech

I can't say enough positive things about this marketing agency! As a clinic manager, I've worked with a number of agencies over the years, but this one truly stands out for their exceptional service and results.

From the moment we started working together, their team has been nothing but outstanding. They took the time to truly understand our business and goals, and developed social ad and lead generation campaigns that delivered impressive results. In fact, we have received 45 new patient submissions just this month alone from ads!

But what really sets this agency apart is their impeccable customer service and client care. They're always available to answer questions, provide insights, and make adjustments to our campaigns as needed. I truly feel like they're a partner in our success.

Roksana Schwartz

Clinic Manager at Bright Dental


What Our Clients Are Saying

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Breaking Industry Standards

Certified by Marketing Experts

Start Seeing Marketing Success

You take care of your clients and we take care of you !

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