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How do I prepare for my initial consult?

During a consultation you should come into the meeting with at least 30 minutes to talk distraction free and at your computer NOT in your car...

What should I expect during a consult?

When booking a consultation we ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire before so that during the meeting with are already familiar with your business. We don't like wasting your time so we deep dive into details during the meeting.

What should I bring to the consultation?

You should bring a pen and paper to take some notes when necessary as we often can diagnose your problems and come up with an immediate action plan to solve them for you... so this might be important to write down.

Do you notify me before the consult?

Yes you will receive a confirmation email at the time you schedule the meeting as well as an email reminder 24 hours before the meeting and a text reminder 45 minutes prior to meeting.

How can I reschedule a consult?

To reschedule a meeting please go to the email confirmation you received when booking the consult. On the email there will be a button to reschedule. You won't be invoiced if you reschedule less than 24 hours before your meeting however out of courtesy for us please make the effort to give us 24 hours notice.

Who should attend the consult?

If you are the sole decision maker for the business then just you is fine. However, if there are other decision makers needed to move forward they should also be present during the meeting so our team doesn't have to do the same consultation more than once.

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