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Laser Therapy Health Tech Case Study

Laser Health Tech Clinic

A Chiropractor clinic looking to create mass awareness about Laser Therapy's effectiveness and solidify their name as the top provider in their city for that service. Our job is to nurture interested people funnelling them to a landing page where by the end we've achieved a ready to book patient. The results have been 100+ ready to book laser patients. [Current Client]

Bright Dental

A dental practice looking to acquire new dental patients especially ones interested in high ticket services like Invisalign. Our job is to increase patient bookings, new patient form submissions on their website and mass brand awareness within a 15 km radius of their clinic. Currently have accumulated over 60,000 ad engagements (likes/shares, etc), totalled ~3,000 new website visitors and 50+ new patient form submissions. [Current Client]

Bright Dental Case Study
Riverside Marine Case Study

Riverside Marine (Unique Client)

A watercraft dealership looking to increase their overall digital presence. Our job is to increase their website traffic, store traffic and online boat inquiries. They reach 20,000 new people a day with their ads across Alberta, have accumulated 10,000+ new website visitors and hundreds of new boat inquiries. [Current Client]

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